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Keep your air circulating smoothly with the use of Marshine selection of ventilation air inlets which provide precise control and distribution of incoming air flow into or out of any type of ventilation systems.

In adequate airflow in hot conditions increase stress on your animals, and can have a negative effect on their development. Marshine offers a large selection of fans, baffles, inlets, curtain machines and controllers to help provide optimal climates throughout your production facility.

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1. What is an air inlet ventilation windows?

Air inlet ventilation windows are designed to be used as sidewall mounted air inlets in livestock structures. A critical problem for ventilation of livestock structures is hot conditions and cold periods, when it is necessary to ventilate the structures to supply fresh air to the animals without causing cold drafts over them and hot conditions increase stress on your animals.

Air inlet ventilation windows can provide livestock shed enough oxygen and fresh air, and keep the temperature balance, Dust, ammonia and carbon dioxide are eliminated and water vapor is removed from the air inlet.
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2. What is the features of air inlet ventilation window?

1.Quality engineering plastics

Made of high-quality engineering plastics, tightly closed, flexible opening, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, strong aging resistance, reasonable structure, large density and firmness, and long service life.
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2.Smart Pulley Design

When it is opened and closed, it has rolling friction, low resistance, and can be easily opened and closed; the accessories of the pulley; rigid cold drawn wire is used to ensure accurate opening.
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3. Multi-angle opening for more uniform ventilation

A group of air intake windows can be opened at three angles at the same time, and the ventilation is more reasonable. Marshine air intake windows close to the fan are opened small, and the opening far from the fan is opened large to achieve uniform ventilation.
The use of multiple fan blades makes ventilation more powerful, drives away odors, is healthy and environmentally friendly, and often accompanies fresh air.
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4. General equipment for large-scale breeding

This product is suitable for large-scale farms. As Marshine ventilation device for farming, it can effectively reduce the indoor temperature, realize air circulation and exchange, and prevent the occurrence of various diseases in the farm.
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5. Quality assurance and strict control

Each procedure has been rigorously checked by the workers over and over again, and produced by trial.
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3. What is the size and type of air inlet ventilation windows?

The specification of air inlet ventilation windows:

Color Black, Orange, White, Yellow
Shape Rectangle
Size Dimensions 645 * 305, 600 * 325, 690 * 300
Features High strength, toughness, anti-aging performance, long service life, flexible opening, double row stainless steel spring to ensure

good side wind window sealing.

Material PE PP ABS engineering plastics

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The four types of Marshine air inlet ventilation window:
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4. Why do you need air inlet ventilation windows for your livestock farm?

The air condition in the farm directly or indirectly affects the health and productivity of livestock. When the farm is not adequately ventilated, toxic and harmful gases, dust and microorganisms will accumulate in the farm. This will easily lead to livestock Chronic poisoning, decreased productivity, increased morbidity and mortality, etc., often bring great harm to aquaculture production.

Marshine air inlet ventilation window are widely used in Agriculture and industry ventilation and cooling. It is mainly used for animal husbandry, poultry house, livestock breeding, greenhouse, factory workshop, textile etc.
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