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Ceiling Air Inlet With Four ways suction a top ventilation window roof mounting ceiling ventilation air inlet window for poultry pig house animal husbandry. Our this type animal husbandry with surrounded ventilation window can significantly change the indoor air circulation, high temperature and cold temperature; high strength, easy installation, ventilation effect is obvious, long service life, top type installation.

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Ceiling Air Inlet For Pig Poultry Farm

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1. What is a ceiling air inlet for pig poultry farm?

Ceiling air inlet for pig poultry farm are designed to be used as ceiling mounted air inlets in livestock structures. Keep your pig poultry farm air circulating smoothly with the use of Marshine selection of ceiling air inlet which provide precise control and distribution of incoming air flow into or out of any type of ventilation systems.

In adequate airflow in hot conditions increase stress on your animals, and can have a negative effect on their development. Marshine offers a large selection of fans, baffles, inlets, curtain machines and controllers to help provide optimal climates throughout your production facility.
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2. What is the benefit of our four way ceiling inlet?

1. 4-Directional louvers direct air along the ceiling and hold air up longer while mixing with room air, distributing air evenly
2. Mixes warm tempered air from attic with house air along ceiling for better mixing and prevents downdrafts on birds
3. Less drafty conditions and chilling during brooding
4. Engineered to allow more CFM through inlet and operates at a higher static pressure for better air mixing
5. More uniform house temperatures during minimum ventilation
6. Easy snap together assembly – no tools required
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3. What is the size of four way ceiling air inlet?

The thickness of foam plate is 20mm by 4 surface air draft.

Outline Size 790*790mm*125mm
Install Size 660*660mm
Ventilation 5550M3/h

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4. Why do you need four way ceiling air inlet for your poultry house?

Four way ceiling air inlet is a gravity ceiling vent with a revolutionary, patented design that maximizes air management.

Four way ceiling air inlet is designed to provide livestock with a better mix of air and to help growers maintain higher ventilation rates during cold weather without sacrificing poultry house temperatures or wasting fuel.

Marshine Ceiling air inlet can significantly reduce poultry house fuel usage and improve poultry house ventilation system management, pulls warm attic air into the house and directs the air along the ceiling.

Ceiling air inlet supplement poultry house with an automatic supply of tempered air during the early stages of minimum ventilation, without the need for a winch.

Ceiling air inlet are simple to assemble and require no tools. Simply snap three sides together, insert the bottom channel and snap the fourth side in place to complete the inlet. The unique packaging also serves as the attic sleeve during installation.
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