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The cow house exhaust fan is widely used in cow houses to reduce their temperature and keep them well ventilated. The main structure of Marshine fan body is manufactured by Rotational-molded Plastic.

Comparing the traditional material—galvanized steel, Rotational-molded Plastic has many obvious advantages: Endurable, never rustStable structure with less noiseHigh Wind QualityEasy to clean.

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1. What kind of exhaust fan widely use in cow/cattle house shed ventilation?

Our cow house exhaust fan cover is made from heavy-duty, impact resistant polyethylene. One shot Roto-molded process which greatly increases the thickness of the frame and guarantees that it will never rust in the future. 6 process testing (noise, shaking, blade speed, air volume, concentricity and efficiency) bring good heat emission, high efficiency(direct drive), the big torque to increase the ventilation and reduce the vibration and noise of the cowshed fan. Marshine fan blade is formed by stamping in one time, which makes the fan run more smoothly, lower noise, stronger stability and greatly prolong the service life.
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2. What is main advantage of Marshine cow house exhaust fan?

Plastic Housing: Our cow house exhaust fan adopting advanced automatic manufacturing process, its housing frames is made from heavy-duty, impact resistant polyethylene in one-time rolling molding. Ensure the high accuracy brings the housing more strength and long-life usage, has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, safe insulation, vibration reduction and no rust forever.
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Fan Blade: Our cow house exhaust fan blade adopts laser cutting technology, the new twist stamping stainless steel fan blade, large air flow, no deformation, no fracture, corrosion resistance, long service life. The machine after dynamic balance detection and adjustment, vibration is small, stainless steel material can provide 410, 430, 304 and other materials for users to choose.

Drive Motor: Our cow house exhaust fan equipped with high-performance pure copper core motor with 3C certification, aluminum shell, with corrosion resistance, heat dissipation, low temperature rise, high efficiency, customized bearing, longer service life.

Installation: Our cow house exhaust fan used in the cow house is installed by hanging type, which is easy to install and flexible. Up to 8 installation points give more choices to install can be flexibly installed according to the specific situation of different cowshed.

3. What is the specification and size of plastic cow house exhaust fan?

The cow house exhaust fan produced by Marshine factory has been applied extensively in cattle houses, greenhouses, industrial plants for its refrigeration effect is good, ventilation ability is strong. We persist in developing in the industry of animal husbandry, producing the products with high quality and supplying the excellent service to our customers.
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Model Size(mm) Blade Dia(mm) QTY of Blade Volt Power Speed Wind Volume PA Noise
MS-1000NS-P 1140*1140 1000 4pc 380V 400W/410w ≥700 ≥25000 ≥65pa ≤70db
MS-1100NL-S 1240*1240 1100 5pc 380V 450W/550w ≥700 ≥30000 ≥65pa ≤70db
MS-1200NL-S 1330*1330 1200 5pc 380V 450w/550w ≥700 ≥35000 ≥65pa ≤70db

4. What is the application and installation of cow house exhaust fan?

Cow house hanging exhaust fan
√ Fan blade is made of mirror stainless steel by punch forming .large air volume, no deformation, no dust, attractive and durable and greatly prolong the service life.
√ Adopt the design of expanding the edge and diverting the flow to increase the ventilation and reduce the vibration and noise of the cowshed fan increase fan stability.
√ 100% of the parts are produced by ourselves, reducing the cost of processing ,sharing profits with customers, ensuring quality , utmost cost-effective globally
√ Fan blades are adjusted by intelligent dynamic-balance tester, ensure the fan smooth running, lower vibration, less noise, increase stability and service life.
√ Wall-Mounting fan , easy installation and maintenance
√ Motors with aluminum-magnesium alloy housing, good heat emission, high efficiency, reasonable dimension, light weight, low current, big torque.
√ Steel meshes fixed on the front and back of the fan protect animals and labors from bruise effectively protect the operation safety of Marshine fan blade.
√ Six strict testing procedures, noise detection, vibration detection, rotational concentricity detection, speed detection, air volume detection, machine efficiency detection.
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