Industrial Exhaust Fan production

FRP Explosion Proof Industrial Exhaust Fan has anti-corrosion function, suitable for pig farm, chicken farm and industrial production workshop with high temperature and peculiar smell, such as textile factory, shoe factory, electronics factory, furniture factory, chemical factory, food factory and so on. Machine tool plant, electroplating plant, etc., Marshine can also be used for after cooling or ventilation. Widely used in hotels, restaurants, theaters, office buildings, laboratories, factories, residential ventilation and other places.


Made of new composite fiberglass material is clean, safe and strong, which can greatly reduce the cost. The new composite BMC slat floor is a green environmental protection product, so the material is pollution-free, and the finished product has the characteristics of impact resistance, high strength, pressure resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Compared with other similar products, it is not only light weight, high strength, high cost performance, but also has many advantages such as good wear resistance and aging resistance. The comprehensive economic and social benefits are remarkable!

Sow Bed Rubber Mat Production

The surface of the sow bed rubber mat is spherical protrusions pattern with the function of anti-skip and massage. The grooved increases the friction between the mat and the ground, better excluding sewage and keeping the ground dry, easy to clean and replace, which has also other merits, such as anti-skid, anti-static, heat insulation, anti-fatigue and epidemic prevention, and so on. The mat is odorless and strong flexible, with the service life of more than seven years.

pig farrowing crate

Pig farrowing crates with frp beams is designed specifically for sows to feed and nurture piglets. It can effectively prevent sows from accidentally stepping on piglets. Pig farrowing crates provide a cooler area for the sow and warmer areas for the young pigs. The flooring is designed to keep the pigs dry which reduces the spread of enteric diseases.

pig automatic feeding system

pig automatic feeding system has been used for many years in many large-scale pig farms and has been approved by a large number of users. It not only saves a lot of labor, but also enables the pigs in the whole shed to eat at the same time, especially It is a sow. The feed line feeds the feed to the dosing cup. The dosing cup can be fed quantitatively according to the different physiological conditions of each pig, and the feed reaches each dose.

Negative Air Pressure Ventilation Fan

High Efficiency 1460 Negative Air Pressure Ventilation Fan with a fiberglass composite construction are best suited to exhaust airborne corrosive gas and mists that are prevalent in some applications. Corrosive gas and mists in noxious environments cause premature wear on ventilation equipment and general damage, which in turn leads to the equipment failing prematurely. Use Marshine FRP ventilation equipment in corrosive environments provides a safe solution that will operate for a long time.

plastic sheep slat floor

The goat plastic slat floor is the best choice for goat feeding, which can improve the feeding and management condition well. The goat plastic slat floor is made of high quality engineering polypropylene plastic, whole slat floor is injection-moulded construction.

pig water drinking system

The pig nipple water drinking system can provide sufficient and clean water for pigs in a convenient manner, mainly including a drinking bowl, a constant-flow nipple, a water level controller, etc.

chicken water drinking system

chicken water drinking system is equipped with the most advanced water filter ,water pressure regulator, automatic medicine doser, anti electric shock device and so on . it can meet the drinking demands for the broiler and breeder growing by floor or layer management . PVC plastic pipe ,fully close type drinking system , stops the outside environmental pollution, avoid virus's spreading .

chicken pan feeding system

chicken pan feeding system is composed of a hopper, a conveyor tube, an auger, several pan feeders, a suspension lifting device, a driving motor, and a feed sensor, etc. parts. The main function of the system is conveying the feed from the hopper to each pan feeder for chickens. The automatic operation of the system is realized by the feeding level sensor to control the work or stop of the motor.

chicken farm building project

The automated chicken feeding system is mainly composed of cage systems, automated egg collection systems, automated manure cleaning systems, automated feeding equipment, automated lighting systems, and environmental control systems. When the equipment is designed, it adopts automatic control, and the operation mode is relatively simple. It is suitable for the intensive breeding of brooders, broilers and layers of different scales. Many chicken farmers now gradually feel that traditional chicken breeding equipment cannot meet their own needs. They are gradually moving from traditional artificial breeding equipment to automated breeding, and the breeding industry is developing towards intensification, planning, and standardization.

pig farm project

Pig automatic feeding system for swine farm/pig automatic feed line is the sensor automatically detects the material level in the chute. When the chute is short of material, under the control of the microprocessor, start the feed motor and the feed trough starts to feed. When the material in the chute is full, the sensor detects that the material is full, and the feeding motor stops feeding. The silo can hold 4000 kg of feed and is fed by the feeding material feeding silo. When the silo is short of material, the control box emits sound and light alarms, prompts the workers to feed, and when the silo is full, the control box has LED indications. Stop feeding.