Hot Galvanized Pig Cage Farming Equipment Pig Gestation Stall With Sow Farrowing Crate Limit Positioning Bar


1. By using pig gestation crates, it can increase the pigs feeding number in fixed space, best for intensive cultivation.

2. Convenient to clean piggery and also set workers free from heavy tedious work.

3. Convenient to manage. The status of sows are clear in the pig gestation crates, and it can reduce the error rate efficiently.

4. Avoid the fighting between sows, and decrease the rate of abortion.

5. Besides, the farrowing crates provide a cooler area for sow and warmer area for piglets. Pig crate slatted flooring design can keep the pigs dry and disease.

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Five Seats Hot Galvanized Sow Gestation Stall

1.Hot Galvanized steel pipe, adopt the carbon dioxide protection welding, and welding firm, smooth, no burr hurt pigs.

2.Compact Design for Pregnancy Sows, Limit Sows Activity, Then the Sows can Grow faster;

3.The Feeder is Made of Stainless Steel or Cast iron, Anti-Rust and Anti-Corrosion

4.Feeding trough features solid steel partitions to help reduce sow competition when eating and independent space, avoid the sows scramble, reduce the abortion rate.

5.The Strong Fasteners can Fasten the Stall firmly, No Worry About the Safety Problems;

6.Easy to Assemble and Clean convenient for man management.

7.Durable, User-friendly And Easy Maintenance.

5 Seats Sow Gestation Stall
Each Seat 60cm/70cm W x 220cm L x 105cm H
Hot Galvanized Steel
Frame Pipe Diameter
GB 3/4 inch thickness 2.5mm
Door Pipe Diameter
GB 1 inch thickness 2.5mm
Welding and Overall hot-dip galvanized
U-shape buckle,anti-jump bar, adjustable lock rods
Sow Seats
5 seats with completely spare parts
Door Type
Double lock hanging shaft door


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