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Newborn piglets have poor adaptability to temperature and we also need separate piglets from sows to avoid being crushed to death. In order to avoid the problems of piglets poor growth, thinness and mortality, we suggest use our frp/fiberglass piglet warming incubator breeding box during the lactation period.

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1. Why the piglet warm incubator box is a necessary pig farming equipment?

The body of newborn piglets is not well developed, and the central system cannot effectively regulate body temperature. In addition, the energy accumulation of the piglets is limited. If the temperature of the environment is too low after the piglets are born, the piglets are prone to become weak and affect their growth. Death from loss of temperature.
The suitable growth temperature for piglets is 32℃, and the suitable growth temperature for sows is around 18℃. This is a tricky problem. At present, the most effective way to keep piglets is to install Marshine incubator in the delivery room. When the weather is cold, turn on the heat preservation lamp to keep warm.
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2. What is the advantage of fiberglass piglet warming boxes?

1. Piglets incubator was born in piglets to full moon as of the date of such cases have heat preservation effect. Through scientific design, piglet incubator has reserved bulbs on the cover and watching window design.
2. Piglet incubator advantage: No odor Do not stimulate. With thick material Thermal insulation effect is better. High strength Good toughness Resistance to aging. A smooth surface Does not hurt the skin of the pig. Large space humanization design beautiful High-grade beautiful.
3. In general, Marshine piglet incubator does not guarantee the piglet heating. Cover the reserved mouth design, in order to can hang up the heating lamp, piglet incubator is supporting piglets electric heating plate to be used.
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3. When and where to use the piglet incubator and breeding warming box for piglets?

Assisting farrowings is one of the key points on sow farms. After the piglet come out from sows, the first thing to do with these piglets is to reduce neonatal hypothermia by drying them and placing them under a heat source.
The Marshine FRP piglet warm incubator is a washable plastic container with a lid and infrared heat lamp, with sawdust on the bottom, placed on an old cart, where the weakest piglets from each farrowing are placed to dry out and warm up while you tend to the next sows.
This management is especially important in splay-leg piglets, which easily go into hypothermia because they cannot walk.
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