Hot sale pig farm equipment 120mm Trapezoid fiberglass beam with bracket plastic slat flooring support for pig farm

Fiberglass support beam could withstand the highly corrosive environment of pig house (or poultry house) while also carrying big load bearing Wood, steel and aluminum were the other materials considered in the design of a new support beam, however, none of those materials offered the strength or corrosive resistant than fiberglass support beam in pig/poultry farm needed flooring system.

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1. Why use the Fiberglass Support Beam for Pig Farming Equipment?

Fiberglass support beam is ideal alternative to those traditional materials for its special advantages:

Excellent Corrosion Resistance
65% Lighter than Steel
Impact Resistant, high strength
Long maintenance-free life
Light and Easy to Fabricate
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2. Fiberglass Support Beam sizes for various floors in swine/pig farming

1-100mm, 120mm, 135mm high beams are available;
2-Easy to install;
3-Can be cut at any lengths you need;
4-Plastic beam bracket are available.





Hollow FRP Beam

H-80 80*30*5.5mm 1.1kg/m
H-100 100*30*5.5mm 1.35kg/m
H-120-1 120*30*5.5mm 1.62kg/m
H-120-2 120*45*5.5mm 2.36kg/m
H-135 135*30*5.5mm 1.7kg/m
H-200 200*30*5.5mm 2.7kg/m

Triangle FRP Beam

S-100-01 100*30*5.5mm 1.37kg/m
S-100-02 100*45*5.5mm 1.4kg/m
S-120-01 120*30*5.5mm 1.4kg/m
S-120-02 120*35*5.5mm 1.4kg/m
S-120-03 120*45*5.5mm 1.6kg/m
S-135-01 135*35*5.5mm 1.5kg/m
S-135-02 135*45*5.5mm 1.65kg/m
S-150 150*45*5.5mm 1.79kg/m

Solid FRP Beam

T-60 60*25.4*5.5mm 0.8kg/m
T-75 75*40*6.5mm 1.2kg/m
T-100 100*25.4*5.5mm 1.05kg/m
T-114 114*44.45*6.35mm 1.33kg/m
T-120 120*25.4*5.5mm 1.98kg/m
T-126 126*25.4*5.5mm 1.3kg/m

Trapezoid FRP Beam

Trapezoid-100 100*50*5.5mm 1.8kg/m
Trapezoid-120 120*50*5.5mm 2.1kg/m

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3. What are the characteristics of fiberglass support beams?

Pig slat floor allow a maximum eight-foot span under the weight of the sow it used not only in pig nurseries but also as farrowing flooring basement structure.

When the slat floor extend beyond the recommended spanning distance, Marshine brand fiberglass support beam used as an intermediate support between two slat floors. The durability, stability, airflow, and appropriate drainage of these combinations will support your production system for years to come.

Marshine fiberglass support beam could withstand the highly corrosive environment of poultry house, farrowing crate floor while also carrying big load bearing system. The sizes to be easier to handle and more forgiving if the concrete poured doesn’t exactly match the plans.
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4. What is the function for fiberglass support beams?

1. The first 24 hours after birth is the most critical time for little piglets. Pigs born at the 102 degree warmth of the sow coming into a farrowing room of 70 degrees or less are very susceptible to heat loss.
2. This is why the piglet require a warmer and cleaner floor than do older pigs. This is because piglets have a less-developed immune system and require warmer temperatures. Younger pigs are more easily chilled and more susceptible to disease.
3. And also the piglet tend to spend most of their time on the warmer surface and away from the sow, resulting in fewer crush deaths.
4. The slat flooring support by Marshine fiberglass support beam is non-conductive and does not rob body heat from the little pigs. It is very energy efficient. The temperature in the room can actually be turned down 5 degrees and still maintain a comfortable environment for the pigs.
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